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How Can A Ps4 Video Be Uploaded To Youtube?

How Can A Ps4 Video Be Uploaded To Youtube?

How Can A Ps4 Video Be Uploaded To Youtube?

  1. Go to your PS4’s YouTube app

  2. From the main menu, choose Upload

  3. The video you want to upload should be selected

  4. Give your video a title and a description

  5. Decide on the right category and privacy options

  6. Press Upload

How to post a PS4 video to YouTube


Can you upload videos to YouTube on a PS4?

On a PS4, you may produce YouTube videos. The method is relatively straightforward. Simply plug in your PS4 to the internet, create an account on YouTube, and begin recording. The Share button also allows you to stream your gameplay live.

Where can I find my PS4 uploads?

Go to the Library tab and choose Video Clips to find your PS4 uploaded videos. The list on the right side of the screen will show the uploaded videos you have submitted.

What is the procedure for YouTube game uploads?

You must have both a YouTube account and a Google account in order to upload gameplay to YouTube. Once you’ve done so, you can start recording your gameplay by selecting Upload Video Clip from the Share menu on your controller. After that, you can decide on the video’s quality, add a title and description, and decide whether or not to make it public. Your video will then be uploaded and appear on YouTube.

How can I record my PS4 game sessions?

On the PS4, there are a few options to record your gameplay. To begin recording, one method is to press the Share button on the controller. Use a capture card as an additional method to record your gameplay.

On my PS4, how can I record?

You must have a USB storage device plugged into your PlayStation 4 in order to record anything. Once you’ve finished, select Record Gameplay by pressing the Share button on your controller. The decision to begin recording is then yours. The game will automatically pause whenever you begin recording so that you can take a break.


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