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How do I modify the password for my PacSun?

How do I modify the password for my PacSun?

How do I modify the password for my PacSun?

  1. Go to the PacSun website and sign in before changing your password

  2. Once you have logged in, select Change Password from the My Account menu

  3. Enter both your old and new passwords

  4. Re-enter your new password after that

  5. Click Submit and youre done!

How do I update my old password?


Can my PacSun account be deleted?

A California citizen can request the deletion of their personal information by submitting a Request to Know More About or to Delete Your Personal Information. As required by the CCPA, PacSun will confirm the identify of any California resident before deleting their personal data.

Are there birthday perks at PacSun?

Every $1 spent on PacSun products earns you 15 points, so you’ll get more value out of your Points. a $10 birthday reward, a $10 anniversary gift, a yearly gift, and access to MORE exclusive offers, discounts, collaborations, and life-changing experiences.

My Discord password is lost. What can I do?

open the Discord mobile application; Change your password by going to Settings; Go to Forgot your password? and enter your email address if you can’t remember it. You’ll receive an email from Discord with additional information; Observe the instructions in the email.

On the PacSun app, how can I change my country?

By clicking on the flag at the top of the page and selecting a different flag, you may manually change which country you want your purchase to be sent to. By selecting a different currency denomination from the list to the right of each banner at the top of the page, you can change the currency in which you desire to make a payment.

A PacSun order can it be cancelled?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they have been placed. This is because, regardless of when they are delivered, our crew chooses and boxes your items as soon as possible before wrapping them all up on pallets for shipping.


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