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How is a Pandora premium station deleted?

How is a Pandora premium station deleted?

How is a Pandora premium station deleted?

  1. You must first log into your account in order to delete a Pandora premium station

  2. Select the station you want to delete after clicking the Stations tab after signing in

  3. After that, select Delete and then click to confirm

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Why can’t I remove Pandora stations?

Users of the free music streaming service Pandora can make their own stations based on their favourite songs or performers. You cant delete stations because they are created by the user and its not Pandoras job to do this for you.

How can I remove a premium Pandora station from my iPhone?

Locate the station you wish to delete in the stations section of the Pandora app. Tap Delete Station on the station page, which is found beneath the music list.

Why am I unable to modify my Pandora station?

This is probably due to the deletion of the station you built. If youve already created a station, but cant edit it, this could be due to the fact that Pandora has temporarily disabled your account for violating their terms of service.
When a Pandora station has been played for a predetermined amount of time, it is immediately erased.

How do I edit my Pandora stations?

By selecting the Edit option at the top of your station list, you can edit your Pandora stations.

How can I remove a Pandora collection?

If you have a Pandora account, you can delete it by visiting the page for your account and selecting the Delete Account option. It could be possible to remove a collection by removing all of its tracks even if you don’t have an account.


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